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Our Services

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Has your Business been exposed?

Ultra Clean USA is currently providing professional sanitization services to a wide variety of clients at locations across the State of Texas, including (but not limited to): The City of Houston, Midtown Management District, Harris County Public Facilities & Buildings, Greater North Houston Management District, Midtown Park Conservancy, TLC Engineering Inc., Executive Suites (San Antonio & Houston), Upper Kirby Bistro, Five Central Entertainment & Restaurant Complex, and more! What are you waiting for?


Simply give us a call, send us an email or fill out the form for service in our website.

We provide all professional cleaning services you need in your office, building and open areas.

All the sanitizer solutions that we will utilize are registered on EPA’s List N, unless otherwise noted due to a particular an/or specialty application’s requirement.  All products on this list meet EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19; and can kill viruses in as little as 1 minute or less when applied properly.  We also will use Sanitizers that are approved for use in Food Preparation/Serving Areas, where required.

We have hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of advanced hi-tech sanitizer application equipment that we use to ensure any service its quick and with efficient implementation.

This equipment includes DOZENS of electrostatic foggers, atomizers, misters, power sprayers, and more!

We can offer from one time service to contract services.

We specialize in disinfecting high traffic areas where COVID, Mokey Pox and other viruses can expand.  It is always recommended to call the professionals to fully treat these areas after a positive case. 

We serve all around Houston and surrounding areas. 

We have competitive pricing for all of our services. We provide free quotes to any service and in some cases we offer complimentary disinfection after booking a full service.