COVID-19 Outbreak has bring us a change of life for all, we are urged to protect our homes, our family, and our businesses. When it comes to having a safe and healthy environment for our love ones we think of disinfecting common areas right away.  However not having the proper personal protective equipment, or the safe and registered chemicals and not disposing properly infected materials this situation can lead to an increase of cases around us. Let the professionals handle this biohazard situation.

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Why Ultra Clean USA?

  • Ultra Clean USA adheres to all OSHA regulations
  • We use CDC approved and EPA registered products
  • All our personnel is certified, and we use the proper Personal Protective Equipment.
  • We know the differences between cleaning, disinfecting & sanitizing!
  • We have the highest technology at client's requests
  • Properly disposal all infected materials

Our Process:

Our unique professional process begins with the application of the most advanced EPA-registered antimicrobial disinfectants available of our clients choice, or we can select one of the dozens we carry in stock from one of our warehouses; that is suitable for the needs of both you and your facilities.  Professional cleaning and sanitizing is the first step to break the chain of COVID-19 (or other viral, bacterial, & fungal-derived) illnesses from secondary surfaces by removing soil and other surface contaminants.  Emphasis is placed on cleaning surfaces more likely to be touched by occupants; commonly referred to as touchpoints.  Since people are not precise when touching objects, touchpoint cleaning should extend past the focused item three to twelve (3-12) inches. 

Applying advanced antimicrobial solutions as an aerosol is an effective way to reduce microorganisms on walls, floors, and horizontal surfaces.  We are cautious to ensure that the materials used are compatible with the uses of the building and any rating the structure has obtained for energy or environmental efficiency.

Before beginning the touchpoint cleaning step it is necessary to prepare the room.  This process may include but not necessarily be limited to the following:

  • Surfaces that are susceptible to water damage (i.e., keyboards, monitors, phones, etc.) must be covered and protected (typically by others).
  • Return air vents must be covered to prevent migration of the disinfectant into the equipment or to other areas (typically by others).
  • In compliance with the CDC’s recommendations, doors and/or windows should be opened to reduce the level of airborne droplets (typically by others).
  • We can, at our client’s request, also install a HEPA-filtered negative air machine as an air scrubber to reduce the airborne particulates that get dislodged by the treatment process.

We can certify YOUR FACILITY

Ultra Clean USA Certificate Sample Watermarked Smart Sanitazation Certificate (BETA)



Our Team’s combination of Experienced Personnel, Qualifications, Advanced Technologies, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) even allows us the ability to issue Certificates of Sanitization and Cleanliness for Facilities, Buildings, and/or Vehicles that has successfully undergone our unique ULTRA CLEAN Process. This certificate can be displayed publicly & prominently, which can help provide an extra peace of mind to its Occupants, Tenants, Managers, Landlords, and Owners. These days, peace of mind (like many other things) seems to also be in short supply, and thus the World needs as much as it can possibly get.

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Our team was recently asked by a major online magazine to provide expertise on methodology for sanitization/disinfecting.