Now we have a strategic partnership with and the All-New to provide Certified COVID-19 Contact Tracing Services. These partnerships have created a powerful “Dream Team”; fully capable to help our clients be more resilient against a myriad of future challenges and/or disasters, and to effectively Recover and Re-Open in the wake of the Coronavirus Crisis. By creating this unique combination of experience and technology; our engineers and technicians have developed both the ULTRA CLEAN PROCESS and ULTRA CONTACT CARE SYSTEM: which both include the Enhanced Sanitization & Safety Program (ESSP), and for Enhanced Sanitization Documentation and Visualization (ESDV) System. Both of which are unique and the first of their kind in the industry! Complete cleanliness is now more important than ever, so don’t just ask for something to be cleaned, demand ULTRA CLEAN & deliver ULTRA CONTACT CARE

Safety is the most important component of ESSP, safety for our clients and our workers. This includes performing temperature checks of Sanitation Crew members via no- touch handheld infrared thermometers and logging the data with visual confirmation prior to starting each work period. It also includes our Team’s unique internal ability to include Sanitization Safety & Support personnel with Contact Tracing Crews when they must go in person to follow-up with a Case/PUI or Contact. It even includes the option of each Sanitization Crew and each Contact Tracing Crew being outfitted with body cams for ESDV purposes.

The ESVD system allows our Clients and Supervisors to actually see our high-quality work from the safety of their computers or cell phones. Measures such as these will help to further minimize the further spread of the COVID-19 and/or other illnesses; and helps to maximize the safety of our clients and their facilities, as well as the safety of our employees. 

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